What Are Slow Rising Squishies?

One of the main reasons why people love collecting squishies is because of their designs that comes in different shapes and variety. A simple search of the word squishy will yield countless number of results both from images and even videos. There is indeed a huge demand for squishies and it is good to hear that people today will not be finding any shortage of them for the moment. Every now and then new models and design are introduced with squishies which helps breathe new life to these toys. One of the unique feature can be found in the form of slow rising squishies.

As mentioned earlier, squishies comes in vast majority of shapes and sizes. They are often designed to help relieve stress by allowing people to squeeze them as hard as you can. It is important to note that these toys are made for the purpose so they are able to endure being squeezed on a repeated basis. Your typical squishy goes back in shape after a couple of seconds after being squeezed. This allows them to maintain their form like nothing ever happened. New innovations however, are introduced to spice things up and this is what slow rising squishies intends to bring.

Slow rising squishies as their name implies, takes its time as it does not reform right away after being squeezed. You might be puzzled why people would like that kind of squishy as they can be time consuming to play with. There is indeed some downtime when waiting for these type of squishies to go back to their original shape. With that being said, if you look closely with the way it reforms, it can be very satisfying to watch. This is because you are given an ample amount of time to observe the movements of the squishy unlike its traditional counterpart. Seeing their wrinkles slowly being removed as the squishy goes back to shape can be a very relaxing pastime. As result, people oftentimes feel a huge amount of relief when they start playing with these type of toys.

It is good to hear that new varieties and designs are introduced with squishies. This will definitely go a long way in helping their fans enjoy their collection fully. Newcomers may also want to look at slow rising squishies to see if their design fits their preference and taste. Try squeezing one today! This website offers a lot of squishies.